venture capital lawyers

venture capital lawyers

We help companies, venture capital firms and family office investors across Southeast Asia with all types of funding rounds, including seed and angel rounds, VC financings, private equity investments, and pre-IPO rounds. Our capital raising work includes drafting and negotiating term sheets, convertible notes, subscription and shareholders’ agreements, venture debt documents and other standard investment documents, along with transaction mechanics (legal due diligence, approvals and closings).

We advised on over 80 Southeast Asia financing deals in 2020 alone. These deals ranged from small seed investments to significant series B and C financing rounds led by globally recognised VCs. This deal flow gives us great market knowledge of the latest investment trends in the region which we monitor in our Map of the Funding Terms.

agreeing terms

Because we see a large number of deals, we can provide useful behind the scenes input to companies as they negotiate headline terms with investors, including the investment amount, the pre-money valuation and whether the investment is to be tranched.

Once the big ticket items are agreed in principle, we help companies negotiate the detail of the term sheet.  The key economic and control terms are agreed in the term sheet, making it the most important phase of an investment deal.

formal documents

The style and friendliness of investment documents varies widely depending on the type of investor.

We draft and negotiate all of the types of documents used by seed, angel, VC, corporate, venture debt, private equity and pre-IPO investors.  We know the negotiating parameters that investors are likely to bring to the negotiation table and we share this knowledge with our clients.

We also promote better investment documentation and practices to founder and investor communities.


We act for a number of venture capital funds, family offices and corporate venture teams on investments in Southeast Asian tech companies. We have dealt with virtually all of the professional tech investors active in the region.

"Kindrik Partners were invaluable in moving the deal forward as efficiently as possible by keeping the negotiations centred on the critical commercial points, and by providing insight as to what was common market practice in these areas."

venture capital resources

a primer on post-money SAFEs in Singapore

In the last few years, convertible notes have been frequently used on Singapore financings. Perhaps less common has been the use of SAFEs – the instrument created by Y-Combinator (YC)…

cap table – discounted debt conversion

This template cap table is intended for use when considering a potential equity investment in a company. This is used where all shares issued in consideration for the conversion of debt to equity are issued at a discount to the price per share paid by the cash investors.

convertible note (KISS terms)

This note is a convertible instrument that is intended to be used by a startup to document a seed investment from a third party investor or a bridge financing from existing shareholders.

a primer on venture debt in southeast asia

Venture debt is fast becoming an alternative or complementary path for startups looking to get capital to accelerate their growth. Our guide covers what it is, the different forms of venture debt, why to use it compared to bank debt or equity financing, and key terms to consider.

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