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clear and practical legal advice for startups in southeast asia

Foundations are important if you’re going to grow fast. We help put in place governance documents such as a constitution, shareholders’ agreement and founder vesting documents.

venture capital

experts from seed and series A onwards

We know how investors work in the region. We’ve gained this experience in the only way that works – by doing deals (lots of them!) and by immersing ourselves in the local tech startup ecosystems.

80+ deals in 2020 alone
Convertible notes, equity rounds, bridge financings, venture debt. We've seen it all.
map of the funding terms
Compare typical investment terms that our VC lawyers see at different funding rounds.

trusted advisors in tech m&a

Most tech companies across Southeast Asia are likely to exit via m&a (rather than IPO or SPAC). We can help you prepare for that journey. We work with our clients throughout their life-cycles to maximise value on exit.

Kindrik worked with us through all our funding rounds, our acquisition of Groupon companies and now our exit. We’re thankful for their expertise and guidance in the VC and tech M&A space.

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Singapore-based SaaS startup X0PA.AI implemented an ESOP with Kindrik Partners in 2020. We sit down with CEO Nina Suri who shared her experience.


This Singapore-based fashion-tech startup worked with Kindrik Partners on their series A raise in 2018.


Bambu is a Singapore-based robo-advisory startup. We talked to the company about working with Kindrik Partners through their successful Series A and B rounds.

latest news from kindrik partners

post-money convertible notes

Back in 2018, Y-Combinator (YC) updated their core investment instrument and launched what is now known as the post-money SAFE. We analysed the post-money SAFE back in 2020 – see our blog here https://kindrik.co.nz/blogs/a-primer-on-post-money-safes-in-new-zealand/. The main difference between a pre-money and post-money SAFE is that, on conversion, under the pre-money…

Updated Singapore model VC documents

The template documents used in the venture capital ecosystem across Southeast Asia have been updated. Launched by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture & Private Capital Association in 2018, the new VIMA 2.0 documents are available for free to help start-ups. 8 new documents have been added…