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Information and resources to help you navigate the capital raising process in Southeast Asia.

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map of the funding terms

Got a term sheet? Compare it with typical investment terms for deals in Southeast Asia. Our map covers seed-stage, Series A, Series B and Series C+ rounds.


raising your seed round

Building a high-growth business often means bringing in seed capital to help bring your vision to life. Browse our guides to understand how to raise seed funding - from getting investor ready to understanding the terms in your term sheet.

Browse our seed funding templates:

part one: getting investor ready

> how to 'flip' your company if based outside of Singapore
> founder arrangements
> group restructuring

part two: how to structure your seed round

> how to structure seed investments: equity vs convertible notes
> what is a KISS
> what is a SAFE
> seed equity financing
> key terms and documentation
> how to find investors

need to brush up on your SAFEs and your KISSes?
see our startup glossary


raising your series a round

Ready to raise a series A round? If your business is scaling and you're starting to gain momentum with users, your startup might be ready for its next round of capital raising.

Browse our series A templates:

part one: key terms

> due diligence & valuation
> key economic rights: liquidation preferences, anti-dilution, share vesting
> key control rights: board composition, veto rights

part two: closing the deal

> understanding the main transaction documents
> employee share incentives (ESOPs)
> follow-on rounds
> venture debt

vc term sheet deep dive

Know what to focus on in negotiations with potential investors with our new video series on term sheets.

Join partner Lee Bagshaw as he walks you through a typical term sheet and explains common issues that arise.

We give you a copy of the term sheet marked up from a startup founders’ perspective, so that you can watch the video and follow along with the mark-up in front of you.

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