kindrik partners advises hello clever on seed funding



Kindrik Partners is delighted to have advised Hello Clever on its recent AUD4.5 million pre-seed and seed funding round led by Vectr Ventures. Other funders included Yolo Investments and CrossFund. Hello Clever is a buy-to-earn ecosystem startup founded in 2021 by business partners and friends Caroline Tran and Gavin Nguyen.

Through the Hello Clever App and the CleverShop, the company helps young Australians be “clever” with their money. Customers can shop, earn cashback, and make payments to friends in one place.

Given the economic difficulties being faced by businesses in 2022, co-founder Caroline says “we are lucky to still retain our position in the market with the ability to innovate, build new capabilities and secure long-term prospects while at the same time deliver the sustainable, profitable growth that our investors and business partners expect from us”.

Partner Chris Wilson says:

The Hello Clever team clearly values its customers and their financial security, especially in the current uncertain economic environment. It was a pleasure working with such a pro-active and efficient founding team. We’re excited to see Hello Clever continue to grow and develop to help young people with their finances.

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