free legal consultations for southeast asian startups



We’re excited to launch our latest initiative for tech startups in Southeast Asia – free online consultations.

how it works

Simply click on the booking link, find an available appointment which works for you and click the time and date. You will then receive a calendar invite for a Zoom call and you are good to go, without the usual back and forth by email. On the day of the meeting, dial into the Zoom meeting and a lawyer will be waiting to provide 30mins of free advice.

why have we done this?

The way legal services are delivered is rapidly changing. We successfully launched our suite of templates and doc makers for use in Southeast Asia. These are used regularly by startups in the ecosystem helping to cut the cost of document drafting. The next step was to consider how initial consultations with our lawyers could be set up more efficiently.

Virtual consultations booked at the convenience of founders is where we came out, and we think it is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. This will particularly benefit startups across the region who are looking to flip to Singapore and raise capital.

who will you speak to?

The lawyers providing the consultations will be Lee, Chris and Sarah. Together over the years, they’ve advised hundreds of tech startups across Southeast Asia on fundraising and M&A transactions. So we have plenty of expertise and market knowledge to share.

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