kindrik partners advises alodokter on US$33m series C funding round



We’re thrilled to have advised Indonesian healthtech startup Alodokter on its US$33 million series C funding round led by Sequis Life. Hera Capital, Philips, Heritas Capital and Dayli Partners participated in the financing along with existing investors Softbank and Golden Gate Ventures. The company offers several healthcare services including medical content, telemedicine, patient booking and insurance services.

As Indonesia’s healthcare system modernises, it is increasingly looking to digital innovation. This has contributed to Alodokter’s amazing growth – now with 20 million monthly active users working with 20,000 doctors and 1,000 hospitals and clinics. With the new funds raised, Alodokter are looking to expand the company’s network and to develop new insurance services to accompany its health insurance subscription product (Proteksi Alodokter) launched last year. Indonesia currently has a mostly untapped private health insurance industry which Alodokter is looking to address.

Lee Bagshaw, Head of our Southeast Asia practice, says:

As the healthcare sector rapidly digitises in Indonesia, Alodokter is becoming a core part of the system. The surge of VC money into Indonesian startups looks to continue for companies like Alodokter that have significant users of products in core areas such as healthcare and financial services.

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